January 2, 2014

Wow, it still seems so weird that it’s 2014 now.  Shouldn’t we have flying cars or something now?


Today we packed up all the Christmas decorations… I always hate doing that!  *sniff sniff*  It’s like you spend allllll year building up to Christmas, and then BAM it’s over along with the entire holiday season and it’s back to regular old boring life.  I wish we did twelve days of Christmas or something here.

Tonight we watched A Christmas Story (again).  There’s plenty of cussing, but that movie is HILARIOUS.  The comments by Ralphie’s grown-up self really make the movie.  Our favorite scene is the one where he says A Very Bad Word and all of the aftermath to that.

Later, I’m planning on watching It’s A Wonderful Life with my mom after the little kids go to bed so they won’t talk the entire way through it.  Don’t shun me, but… I have never seen it before.  I KNOW.  I wuz howmskewlldd… what can I say?

Well, that’s about it.  Today was a lazy day and I didn’t do much.  So… see y’all tomorrow!