January 5, 2014

Today I’m back at school.  The ride actually wasn’t bad.  For some reason we’ve always had a ton of delays on all the trips before and have never even made it in 5 hours, which is ridiculous, because today we made it in just under 4 hours!  So that was fairly awesome.

Calvin & I ate at Braums because the cafeteria isn’t open yet.  Then, because I am now back in the land of INTERNET THAT WORKS…

…we watched the new Sherlock.

It was so awesome!  I *love* Sherlock’s character, and Benedict Cumberbatch plays him PERFECTLY.  I’d love it if he got to be the next Doctor, but I’ve heard a rumor that he was actually approached about it and declined.  Not cool.

Well, I’m launching right into my classes tomorrow.  Mondays will be my heavy day with 4 classes.  This week should be fairly insane as I get my work and homework balanced out, but hopefully it should even out by next week.  Fun times!