January 6, 2014

The first day of spring semester went pretty well today!  Although Monday is my most intensive day class-wise, there were enough breaks in between that I didn’t feel like I was constantly on the go, so that’s a plus.

Funny story of the day: for my first class, the professor had everyone open the syllabus document on Blackboard so we could go over it.  I noticed little discrepancies in ours vs his, like him saying something was at the top of page 2 when it was really at the bottom of page 3.  I just assumed it was an outdated syllabus since that happens sometimes.

Then I started reading ahead and thinking “Wow, this is a REALLY intense class!  I mean, I know it’s sophomore level and all, but STILL!  This escalated quickly.  I miss my old Bible professor!”  The syllabus was talking about all sorts of things that I had no clue what they were but they still sounded intimidating (like theological outlines)… and it said there was a 4,500 word essay due at the end of the year.  Wow.

However, a couple of minutes later when the professor said something about a 3 page paper due at the end of the semester, someone finally said “Ummm… I think this is the wrong syllabus.  It says “Systematic Theology” and this is the Story of the New Testament class.”

Guys.  The professor had accidentally uploaded the syllabus for a GRADUATE LEVEL CLASS.

So yeah, that was a huge relief to little freshman me.  The actual syllabus looks completely manageable and non-insane, which is always awesome.

Other than that, nothing really interesting happened for any of the classes.  I like all of the professors so far.  My second bible professor is a really funny older man who I think I will like a lot.  He kept interrupting himself to tell funny stories while he was trying to take roll.

My speech professor has a sense of humor that I, and apparently I alone, find reeeeally funny.  As in, he said several things that caused me to be audibly amused and the vast majority of the rest of the class just stared at him with blank expressions.  So that was interesting.

My last class today was figure drawing, and I was 5 minutes late while simultaneously thinking I was 10 minutes early.  Thankfully they were just going over the syllabus.  Also, it’s the same drawing professor I had last semester, and he is SUPER awesome and relaxed about class.  He gives us twice as many absences as I have in any other class, which I won’t use all up unless I get sick a lot, but still.

In a few minutes I have a mandatory dorm meeting, which annoys everybody because it would make SO much more sense for them just to meet with anybody new  since we all heard the same rules at the beginning of last semester.  In addition, new semester = new fire drill.  It was bad enough last time when it was still warm, but today it was THREE DEGREES in the morning.  A fire drill after midnight sounds like a perfectly horrible idea, especially for the obligatory person-who-was-in-the-shower-when-the-alarm-went-off.  I am going to make extra sure that will NOT be me.