January 11, 2014

Today Calvin & I wanted to get off campus, so we went to Target and got supplies to make gluten-free cake balls tomorrow!  We also went to Starbucks and stayed and talked for a while.  I got a decaf peppermint mocha frappucino – it’s one of the few coffee drinks I like, and I like it a LOT!  I’m hoping they don’t discontinue it soon because the holidays are over.

After we got back, we watched a couple of episodes of Fringe.  It’s a really interesting series, sort of like an NCIS type of show but with supernatural/science-y stuff.  It’s very intriguing, although some of the ways people die are kind of gruesome.  Some of the sci-fi explanations they come up with are pretty cool.

I just finished my homework for my figure drawing class, which was to re-draw a sketch showing proportions for the human body in comparison to the head.  The only problem is that the people in the drawing are, erm, un-clad.  It’s awkward.  I’m thinking maybe there will be some conveniently placed random butterflies or something in this particular sketch.

I’ve also made some very cool pieces of art with the WeaveSilk tool I linked to in the last post.  Here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

silk 3

silk 4

silk 7

silk 8


Has anyone else tried this out?  If not, you should!