January 14, 2014

Random discovery of the week:  if you have a subconscious, irrational fear of something happening, it might have already happened and you don’t realize it.

Today was just normal classes and food and blah blah blah.  Sometimes events of the day are so boringly normal I don’t want to post about them.

One thing that WAS interesting today is that I did a lot of thinking and reflecting.  I just got done reading Beyond Boundaries, the sequel to Boundaries, and it is very insightful.  It’s my opinion that EVERYONE should read Boundaries, even if they think it’s not applicable.  It changed my life.

Anyways, one thought process that I had today is that my life is in serious flux right now.  I’m basically building myself as a person from the ground up.  I mean, my childhood was a foundation for the person I will be when I die, and now I am building an actual structure on that.  It’s interesting for me to step back and see the big picture in this way.

One thing I got out of this train of thought is that it’s perfectly normal for me to feel confused and question everything right now.  Almost every single constant that I’ve had for most of my life is either gone or shifting at the moment.  I think that the important thing for me to remember is that, no matter how confusing things seem, I need to hold on to the things I know to be good and right and ride out the storm, and one day things will settle down.

Another thought process sparked by Beyond Boundaries was that I really need to make more friends.  At one point, the book talks about how healthy people have a support network comprised of multiple people who care about them, will listen and discuss deep issues, and are willing to give them comfort, support, etc.  This got me to thinking that, other than Calvin, I don’t have any friends who I talk to about anything deeper than “ugh don’t you hate the homework for this class”.  I need to work on making a few more good friends who I can go to for support and discuss life with.  I think this is part of building myself as an individual.

So, there’s your daily dose of deepness from me.  Maybe I will have more tomorrow, or maybe I will be too exhausted from all of the running around I have to do to care.  The world may never know…