January 15, 2014

Today was packed full of classes and running errands!  I had 2 classes before chapel at 11, and then I decided to go back to my dorm to eat and save time rather than braving the after-chapel lunch rush.  As soon as I ate, I had to go mentor a 2nd grader I’m working with through a mentoring program at a nearby school.  She is super sweet and I always love spending time with her!

After mentoring, I had to read the assigned reading for my speech class and then go to said class at 2:30.  As soon as THAT was over, I paid a visit to the gym I worked at last semester to figure out my work schedule for this semester.  Sadly, they don’t have enough classes to need me, so I won’t be coaching there this semester.  However, I had talked to the owner before about training there once or twice a week after my ankle had healed from surgery, and I wanted to follow up with her on that as well.  She told me that I can come just whenever the team is working out, and, get this, she’s going to charge me… nothing.   I am so incredibly appreciative of her recognition that I’m a broke college student who won’t be competing or anything but is still in love with gymnastics!

After dinner in the cafeteria, I went with Calvin to a Bible study group we go to on Wednesdays at a coffee house.  It’s super cool – the people, the place, and the discussion!  Tonight we discussed prayer: what it is, what it means, and what it reveals to us about the nature of God.  I really love this group so much – there are always some very insightful comments during our study time!

Finally, I’ll leave you with this quote of the day:

“Hey, if the Bible isn’t true, you’ll never know it.  You’re gonna be like the dead dog Rover: you’ll be dead all over.”  ~one of my Bible professors