January 21, 2014

Guys, wanna know what makes me feel clever?  This:

chocolate wrapper art


Wanna know why?  Because in one of my art classes, I had to do an assignment where I represent happiness with mostly dots/circles.  We were allowed to use pretty much any material?

Get it?  Chocolate?  Happiness?

I am so funny.

Anyways, today after classes I got to go back to the gym for the first time since my surgery!  It was awesome and exhausting and somewhat embarrassing because I have never been on bars/beam/etc before and can do like NOTHING.  It’s a little awkward when a 6 year old is doing stuff way harder than you can.  But I’m excited to be back!

I’m also already excited for bible study group tomorrow!  There’s always so much awesome…

Random gripe of the day: in one of my classes, the professor put all of the assignments and due dates in the syllabus and then NEVER mentions them in class.  Like, EVER.  It’s really confusing.

Now I gotta go read 7 chapters of Matthew and take a quiz.  Later gators!