January 22, 2014

Warning: potentially short post ahead since I have a loooooong day tomorrow and want to get to bed.

I should have had 3 classes today, but one was cancelled via sign on the door (so I didn’t know till I actually showed up to class), so that gave me a little more free time, which was awesome.

Um.  Remember how I went back to the gym yesterday?  Yeah.  So do I.  Every time I move anything.  Sore sore sore sore sore.  You know how there’s the normal kind of sore that sort of feels like a deep muscle bruise, but then you can surpass that and achieve the kind of sore that feels like you just shredded that muscle or swallowed glass when you sneeze?  Yeah.  I have achieved the latter.

Small group tonight was super awesome.  Our topic was the nature of Satan, which has SO many different directions to look at that some of us weren’t done even when class was over.  I’ll probably end up hanging out at someone’s apartment tomorrow night talking about leftovers of this.

And now I need SLEEP.  I am potentially on the go tomorrow from 9 AM to 7:15 PM, and then 10-11:30 PM.  Yeah.  Fun times.  Not.