January 23, 2014

This morning began as usual with babysitting for a ladies’ Bible class at a nearby church.  One thing interesting that happened was that I noticed the last name of one of the little girls in the class, and I’m pretty sure she’s the daughter of one of my professors!  I’ll have to ask him next class period.

I was able to beat the after-chapel rush to lunch, which is totally awesome since otherwise I wouldn’t have time to eat before class.  After lunch Calvin gave me some random chocolate because he knew I was going to have a super long day today.  How awesome is that?!  And on a funny note, when he gave it to me I was like “You got me a trash bag!!!!” because I am a grocery sack hoarder!  I always run out of them to use for my mini trash can before I want to go to the store again.

In my 2D design class today, we worked with a lot of different ways to create texture on paper.  This included marbleizing, and I don’t mean the kind where you use shaving cream.  For this you mix turpentine and oil paint, and then use more turpentine to clean anywhere you spill the oil paint.  The entire art complex and surrounding halls absolutely REEKED.  It was awful.  The class was 2 hours long and I’m pretty sure we were all high on turpentine fumes by the time we left.  And the best part?  I had another art class in the same classroom 3 hours later, so I got to spend 5 hours of quality time today with the scent of turpentine.

We have fiiiiiiinally moved on from skeletons in figure drawing and worked on hands today.  I found it about eleventy billion times easier than drawing a skeleton.  As in, I was one of the very first ones done with my in-class drawing and had to wait around for half an hour for everyone else to get done.  This has NEVER happened to me before.  I usually barely have anything more than an outline by the end of class.  I’m not really sure why this one clicked so well.

That class can run as late as 7:15 (and did today) and the cafeteria closes at 7, which always poses a problem about dinner.  Sometimes I just end up eating whatever I have in my dorm, but tonight I got Chick Fil A.  That place is seriously  a lifesaver when it comes to quality of life as it relates to food.

Tomorrow I’m planning on sleeping in and then going to a local coffee/tea place with a friend, so that should be fun!  Catch ya later, internet world.