January 24, 2014

Today I got to go to a cool coffee/tea place with Natalie, an awesome friend of mine!  We talked about a lot of random stuff, from coffee to church denominations!  It was very cool and much needed.  I love being to dig into random deep topics with friends whenever we get a whim about anything.

I’m currently working on 2D design homework, and the theme this week is texture.  We were given an assignment to demonstrate 9 different techniques of producing different textures on paper.  Today I worked on embossing, which involved using a spoon to press a piece of construction paper into a pattern cut into mat board, and acrylic media transfer.  The latter is basically taking a picture from somewhere, painting a bunch of layers of shellac-like goop on top of it, and then peeling away the original paper and transferring the image to somewhere new.  The design stays imprinted on what is sort of a huge thin piece of dried paint.  I found this particular method rather intriguing, and it worked much better than I expected!  I guess it’s sort of like an alternative to decoupage.

The school had an event today where they pretty much show off to high-schoolers in an attempt to get them to come to school here.  I saw one of my friends from my home church who I didn’t even know was considering going to school here, so that was pretty cool!  We always get interesting chapel speakers and better cafeteria food on these days, which is a funny bonus.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going hiking with Calvin at a state park!  I’m excited since we went there on a church retreat with a college group in October, but haven’t had a chance to go back since.  It’s really beautiful and the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow too.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some nice pictures to share!