January 28, 2014

Today was really long and somewhat stressful and depressing for a variety of reasons, which I shall now reveal to you.

Firstly, I am currently being homeworked to death with assignment minutiae.  As in, I don’t have major assignments I’m working on and I do have free time on my weekends, but I always have tons of small assignments during the week that really add up and stress me out.  For instance, today I finished an essay, read 2 chapters and took a short quiz for one bible class, read the assigned reading and did a short response project for communication, and worked on a project for 2D design that is not due until a week from today and yet for some reason is required to be 25% completed by Thursday.  I also went to Hobby Lobby (twice) and sat in class for 3 hours.  Stuff I still need to do before Thursday includes finishing the 2D project up to 25%, reviewing and printing my finished essay, and finishing drawing a page full of hands for figure drawing.

See what I mean?  Homeworked to death.

Yes, I just verbed that word.

And that one.  Cuz I’m cool like that.

In addition to all of the stressful homework, I am under the distinct impression that one of my professors does not like me, and it’s rather upsetting.  All students were required to get her approval for their choice for a project, and while I stood in line to show her my ideas, I observed her having conversations with other students about which one they were thinking about, why she liked the ones she liked, what would be interesting about certain ones, etc.  When it was my turn, she glanced at my 3 choices and said “This is the only one I’m ok with”.  That’s it.  That plus lots of tinier things just really makes me feel like she dislikes me or is annoyed by me for whatever reason, and I’m usually pretty perceptive of people’s cues, so it’s kind of disappointing.  I have no idea why she feels like that.  Also, on my last assignment for that class, I received a 23/25 with absolutely no explanation of where we lost points.  It’s confusing.

Well, that’s about all the complaining I’ve got for today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better and less crazy!