Sorry for falling off the face of the earth, guys.  I kept up the daily blogging thing for an entire month and then it DIED.  I just don’t have time, and I’m not doing anything interesting enough to warrant writing about every single day.

So, a recap of what’s been up these past couple of weeks, in pictures first:

brownie mix


I found this at Target the other day.  Life = MADE.  They’re gluten free!  And microwave!  And BROWNIES!!!  Perfect for a Celiac college student!

wax pillars

Saw these at the store the other day… and you thought they were candles.

rose petals


I took this picture at a 50th wedding anniversary party and I love it!

valentines day


Valentine’s Day


I’ve been hammered with homework for 2D Design.  Recently we had an assignment to produce TEN PIECES that was given on Tuesday and due on Thursday.  As in, THAT Thursday.  In 2 days.  So that was fun.  Right now I’m working on a project where we have to take a picture of our face and represent it 6 different ways.  I’ll try to post pictures when I’m done with it.

I went to Target the other day and found a bunch of shirts on sale for $3, so I bought four!  Target has really good sales sometimes… but WHY do they always have the sale stuff in the maternity section?  Awkward.

Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares with raspberry filling are the best EVER.  Enough said.

I had 4 tests within a 10 day span these past 2 weeks, one for speech and 3 for Bible.  I’ve only gotten the grades back for two of them, but I made a 98 and a 100 so I’m not really worried about the other two.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but Calvin & I recently discovered this amazing place called Top That Pizza that’s basically like a Subway for pizza, and they have a gluten free crust option!!  It’s REALLY good and we have been going all the time because when we split a pizza, it’s the same price that it would be to go to Chick Fil A or somewhere like that.  Pretty cool!

Well, that’s all the recap I can think of at the moment.  Now to get back to more art homework… ugh.  I am all art-ed out for today.